Dolly Jain

Dolly Jain has been helping people drape their sarees for the past 10 years. She has almost lost count of the number of people whose saree she’s draped. Dolly’s draped many models, artists, film stars and brides all over the world. Yukta Mukhy, Diya Mirza, Tanushree Dutta, Kangana Ranuat, Lara Dutta are a few of her clients who enjoy her drapes. She can drape a saree in almost all the styles like Gujrati, Hyderabadi, Bhopali, Rajasthani, Bengali, Assameese, Lehanga style and even the 9 yard saree. Dolly is blending the drapes of different states and bringing out new trendy and traditional drapes like she has very beautifully merged the Bengali pattern with the Rajasthani style. Dolly has invented various styles like hip-hop, tight fit, fish style half mumtaz and many more.

The rectangular unstitched format of the sari allows for individual creativity. There are many different styles for wearing a saree. Draping sarees in perfect style requires a lot of practice. A saree when draped properly makes a woman look more stylish, elegant, graceful and sensuous. The beauty of the saree is enhanced by the way it is draped. According to Dolly "A perfectly draped saree can make anyone’s personality but clumsily draped saree can equally bring down the look of the saree and spoil the whole appearance of a woman."

Dolly Jain is a professional saree draper who can drape a saree in 125 styles and more. She can drape a bride three sarees and still make her look as slim and beautiful. There are many traditional drapes which still look very good and they are made to look trendier by adding a dupatta over them. The saree is an ancient outfit but due to the new draping styles they always tend to look new.

In spite of doing several photo shoots, fashion shows for the boutiques and the designers, Dolly still personally visits her clients to give them different style of drapes according to their requirements. Not only this, she takes care of everything related to saree draping. Dolly carries accessories, dupattas, brooches etc while draping, to enhance every individual’s appearance by making them look different and gorgeous. For her draping is nothing but the art of folds or says the magic of folds, which, when done properly brings out the beauty of the lady.